Monday 29 October 2012

Embarrassing moment by JunTian

Soon, the day for us to get our costume came. We went to shop around many places, and finally found a suitable shop. When everyone finally found the uniform attire, I realized that the shop did not have the size of my pants. However, in order to be uniformed, I had no choice but to take the pants that was two sizes smaller. If only I was wiser then.

Finally, the day of our performance arrived. It was time for us to show everyone our talent! After one performance after another, it was soon our turn. Feeling a little nervous, and extremely ‘cramped’ because of the pants, I slowly entered the central stage. Then, a single spotlight came shining down on me. I knew I had the crowd’s attention. This was my chance to be known to everyone! Once I got the signal, I started giving my all, dancing along to the music as smoothly as I could in my very tight pants. Then, the most embarrassing thing happened. “Snap!” that was all I heard before the crowd burst out into laughter. I stood up and stared at them, completely puzzled by the sudden laughter among them. Luckily, my group mate quickly ran forward me and alerted me about the giant hole in my pants. In that instant, I almost burst out into tears, as I stood there with the large hole in my pants, facing the sniggering crowd. For a whole moment, I stood there rooted to the ground, as my cheeks turned red in embarrassment and tears welled up in my eyes. After recovering from my shock, I quickly turned around and ran down the stage.

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