Saturday 25 May 2013

Learning for life, the Finnish way. By JunTian

Summary: In Finland, hardly anyone have heard of the term tuition. This is because teachers, parents and students all understand the importance of a 'school-life balance'. Once school ends, students only have to complete their homework which consists of a few math questions and some essays only. After that, it is a fun and games. The only group of students that feel the stress, that most students in Singapore feel regardless of age, are the 18 years old who will be taking a national exam, and this is the only national exam they will have to take.

Opinion: I feel that Finland has the ideal education system. Students should enjoy their youth and learn at the same time. But, apart from the subjects in school, what they should learn should also be life skills like communicating with others. The Finland education stress on this, and always make sure that learning is really for life.

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