Tuesday 10 December 2013

24 Indian nationals charged with rioting in Little India by JunTian

Summary: 24 Indian nationals have been charged with rioting in Little India on Sunday night. Each of the 24 men who appeared in court on Tuesday afternoon faces one rioting charge and the maximum penalty for the offence is seven years' jail and caning. The Law Society's pro-bono services are looking to offer legal aid to the accused through their volunteer lawyers. So far, more than 10 lawyers have indicated they are willing to do so. 28 people were arrested but 4 were released when they were found to be innocent. This is the first riot Singapore faced since 40 years. It started because of a fatal accident that took place at the junction of Race Course Road and Hampshire Road. Around 400 people were involved in the riot. Vehicles were set on fire, and emergency services workers were injured.

Opinion: I feel that this riot is very uncalled for. Singapore have always been known for its safety and now its reputation have been destroyed. Even worse, over 400 people were injured because of this riot. I feel that it is very meaningless starting this riot. Help should be seek after the accident took place instead of violence. Now, the problem only got worse with even more casualties. Innocent medical officers and police officers were also injured. However, I believe that the 24 suspects will be given a fair trail. After all, they have been offered lawyers to help them.

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