Friday 23 May 2014

Yenyuen- PM Laments Ugly Singaporean behaviour

SUMMARY: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong laments that the increasing number of ugly Singaporeans have troubled him

These Singaporeans have been "reserving" public roads outside their houses with flowerpots or dustbins so they can park their cars.

They have quarrelled with their neighbours over the washing of common corridors, placing of furniture and noise, and they have objected to the building of elder-care facilities or studio apartments in their precincts - while suggesting they be sited nearby in another site

These cases may be a minority but it is a bad sight as Singaporeans seem to be getting less patient, less tolerant, less willing to compromise in order to get along

The reasons are the followings:

1. Disappearance of the "kampung spirit" of old.

In  the past, neighbours met regularly at common spaces, whether waiting for a lift that stopped only once every three floors, or watching TV at community centres.

Now, Singaporeans lead more private lives and have less interaction with their neighbours, resulting in lesser consideration

2. Fear of losing out, due to limited resources

However there is so much more to gain from giving

OPINION: I am disappointed to see such Ugly Singaporeans' acts and I  hate to admit that I often do see such ugly singaporeans' acts. For instance, when i was walking down a pavement, i saw an old woman selling tissues paper and yet no one bothers to pay their attention on her and show their sympathy.  It's time to stop such acts and Singaporeans should start to more considerate, selfless and care for the people around them. Singapore is a multi-racial country and it is essential that we stay united so that when there is an emergency, we can depends on one another for help. This starts with being more interactive with one another

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