Friday 26 September 2014

Earth 'going downhill' as consumption rises, report says By JunTian

 Summary: From high above the earth, an astronaut launched the latest report card on the health of the planet which once again paints an alarming image of over-consumption and exploitation. From space, forest fires, air pollution, erosion can all be see. The report is clear that we're still going downhill, that our ecological footprint, the pressure we put on the earth's resources, continues to rise so we're now using 50% more resources that the earth can replenish and biodiversity continues to decline. The main feature of the Living Planet Report is the Living Planet Index which tracks the health of the world's ecosystems by monitoring 9,000 populations of more than 2,600 species.
It shows a near 30% drop in biodiversity since 1970, and an even faster decline in the tropics of 60%. However, the index for temperate regions rose 31%, as some species showed signs of recovery after huge biodiversity losses the previous century.

Opinion: I feel that it is extremely worrying that our resources are being used up so quickly. The fact that the adverse impact it has brought can even be observed straight from space shows how bad the situation is. Luckily, leaders all over the world are beginning to realize the importance of conservation and many have pledge to do more regarding our environment. For example, Denmark has  has pledged to double the nation's windpower and to wean itself off fossil fuels by 2050.I feel that other countries should follow its footsteps and start cutting down on over usage of non renewable sources. On the other hand, countries should use renewable sources like solar power, hydropower, etc. Although it might be expensive, it will definitely benefit both the country and the whole world in the long run.

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