Saturday 7 January 2017


A person who works in New York tweeted about his indignities he met on his way to South Africa to visit his family. He made a really racist tweet with no bad intention but his tweet instantly became a famous tweet around the world. He got a lot of unwanted negative comments and attractions. Even though he deleted the post and his account, it is still being spread around and the comments will live on forever.

I feel that he shouldn't make a tweet so racist. He said he won't get AIDS because he is a white. Although he tweeted for fun and with no intention to discriminate the people in Africa, other people misinterpreted it. The tweet spread like wildfire across the internet and Justine recieved a lot of negative comments and unwanted attentions. Although there should be a freedom of speech, we must still be careful of what we post because people will still feel unease when they see remarks that discriminates them.  So, everyone needs to be careful of what to post online by thinking in other people's shoes when they see the post.

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