Friday 11 January 2013

smoking in public areas BY JUNTIAN

SummaryFrom January 15, 2013 onwards, smoking will be prohibited in more public places. This is to protect the general public from inhaling second-hand smoke. Areas affected include overhead pedestrian bridge, five-meter radius of bus stops and many more. Signage will be placed at different places to deter smokers. Bins with ashtrays will be shifted or replaced with bins without ashtrays, and will be moved five-meters away. Fines are as high as $1000 should smokers smoke at banned areas.
Opinion:I am a very strong supporter of the introduction of this new law. Second-hand smoke affects one’s health very badly, and may even lead to very serious health problem like lung cancer. The public definitely do not deserve to have their health or even their lives at risk, just because some people like to smoke at public places. Therefore, I am really glad and appreciate this new law. I hope there can be some people patrolling around too, to make sure that this law can be enforced to its fullest.

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