Friday 11 January 2013


A teen hero
“Bang…Boom…Piang…Bang…” Gunshots and the sound of glass any many other things being destroyed echoed down the hallway, and can be heard clearly even in the classroom. “This couldn’t be another shooting massacre, right?” Michelangelo thought to himself, as panic raced through him. However, evidently this was what he had feared. The last shooting massacre in Newtown had just taken place a few weeks ago, Michelangelo could not believe it had happened here in Miami too.

Michelangelo had come to the Miami Heat Elementary School as a volunteer to be an assistant math teacher. Now, innocently he had been drawn into a shooting massacre. From inside the classroom, he could hear the screaming outside, and the painful cries of those who had been gunned down, and the moan of those who helplessly witnessed the death of their friends or teacher. Michelangelo was always against the fact that gun could be held by normal citizens. Suddenly, he felt anger swelling up, replacing all his fear and anxiety. He knew he had to do something. These innocent people do not deserve to have their lives gone just like that.
Without wasting any more time, he quickly located all the areas in the small classroom where the students could stay safely hidden, and with the help of the math teacher, quickly leading them to safety. When they were finally done, Michelangelo could hear the gunshots approaching. This could be his last day. Quickly sending a message to his parents, he was now prepared for the worse. Then, everything happened way too quickly. The gunman entered with a crazy grin on his face, and aiming the math teacher. Just before he could fire, Michelangelo picked up a penknife and pounced on the gunmen. Anger and courage raged within him, and he found strength he never had. However, the gunman was not someone to mess with too. With lightning fast reflexes, he turned the gun and fired at Michelangelo. With his last breathe, Michelangelo brought down the penknife straight at the gunman’s heart, ending both their lives and this cruel shooting massacre.

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