Friday 26 July 2013

Helping elderly S’poreans live independently. By: JunTian

Summary: Elderly Singaporeans without family support can look forward to more independent, assisted living within the community. The government have started a new project where elderly above the age of 65 live together in a cluster of rental flats. These group homes are meant for seniors too frail to live on their own, but who do not need or want to live in a nursing home. They are also likely to be on public assistance allowance. With this system, it is hoped that residents can provide one another companionship and mutual support. It will also be easier for volunteers to deliver meals and provide regular medical assistance. There will also be full time staff to attend to them. Each resident also wears a wrist device with a panic button, which alerts social workers by phone and SMS in case of emergencies. The homes, except for the bathrooms, are also monitored by CCTV as a safety feature.

Opinion: I feel that this is a very good idea. The elderly usually do not like to live in elderly homes, however, they really do need the help of others. By renting these flats, they can live independently, but at the same time with friends, and regular help from volunteers. I feel that with all the necessary precautions, it is very safe for the elderly too.

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