Friday 12 July 2013

Pushover Parents, Pampered Kids by ZhiGang

Summary: Nowadays, parents are more easygoing which result in more pampered children among the younger generation. Less parents change their way of educating their children, there will be more problems. Children this generation equip themselves with the latest technology from their parents as parents tend to give in to what their child wants without thinking whether it is actually good for their children. Parents usually want their child to be loved and giving what they want without knowing they are spoiling them.
Opinions: In my opinion, I feel that as parents, they should not what their child really needs and not really what they want. However, they tend give in to their child wants since they feel that doing so will make their child be loved. Also, they are afraid their child are hurt and thus refrain them from doing household chores. Therefore, this is a reason why Singapore has become more a strawberry generation as the child are as delicate as strawberries.

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