Wednesday 6 November 2013

Future Fuels by ZhiGang

Future Fuels

Researchers at US lab found a new step to achieve their final goal of using cheap renewable sources of energy. The latest achievement is harnessing fusion, the process of the Sun which provides an unlimited and cheap source of energy. The whole process makes use of heating solid hydrogen and result in a high compression which will result in nuclear fusion. Latest experiments agree well with predictions of energy output, which provide a welcome boost to ignition research.


In my opinion, I think that finding a new renewable source of energy is a great success. Recent years, the rate of global warming is on the climb. Therefore, finding a cheaper and renewable source of energy will reduce the amount of carbon footprint in the environment. To date, we have been finding ways to reduce the amount of carbon emission to the environment. If the experiment proves to be a great success, we are able to save the earth in time before it is too late.

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