Thursday 21 November 2013

Teen gets probation for cheating over S$10,800 in blogshop scam by JunTIan

Summary: A 17-year girl has been placed on 36 months probation for cheating $10800 from more than 100 people through her blogshop scam on Facebook. She created a bogus Facebook page, pretending to sell items including polaroid cameras, contact lenses and shoes. After searching online for pictures of these products, she will display them and claim  to be selling them. When the date of delivery comes, she will deactivate the page  to escape being caught. Besides cheating online, she have also been arrested for theft. However, the court have decided to be slightly more lenient due to her age, and because she have  shown signs of remorse.

Opinion: After reading the article, I was really shocked to find out that there are teenagers that actually cheated others of so much money. I feel that there are many of these teenagers in the society that needs guidance and help, or they will continue doing the wrong things. This might be due to bad influence, or they might be mistaken in their thinking. I hope that after this incident, other teenagers will be warned, and not do the same thing again.

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