Saturday 31 January 2015

S'pore youths spending more time online: study- Ki Eunyu

S'pore youths spending more time online: study

Summary: Youths in Singapore are spending more and more time online. They do activities such as  reading online content, viewing photos and videos, commenting and replying others, chatting online and sharing or posting content. Studies seem to show that people who spend less time online are happier and have better well being. Studies also showed that some people do not like face to face conversations and prefer chatting online.

Opinion: In my opinion, too much time spent online is not advisable. It is not good for your body and mind. With too much time spent, one will be unable to concentrate on other matters that may be more important than spending time online. Thus, youths in Singapore should limit their use of online and think about ways to spend their time more wisely.

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