Saturday 7 February 2015

In defence of young singaporean adults - Yvelyn

Defence of Young Singaporean Adults
This article defends the accusations on why Singapore youths are unwilling to step out of their comfort zone. The accusations are the lack of drive, grades and the implications of risks. Firstly, youths today are actually very passionate in what they are doing, they would often burn the midnight oil to complete their task. This is especially true during the examination period. Secondly, Singapore is always known for putting grades as the first priority when it comes to schooling. Thus leaves students to put getting good grades as their top priority. We cannot blame youths for being too concerned on their result when it is their country which forced them to be like that. Lastly, every situations comes with a risk. It is not true that when there is risk, there will not be youths willing to try it. In fact, many youths are willing to take risks and explore on their own, they are more than willing to take charge and be independent.

I agrees with the author that those accusations against Singaporean youths are false. Youths nowadays are much more tougher and stronger than we think. Adults often underestimate us because we are young and live in a first-world country. We are surrounded by convenience and luxuries, which make us more vulnerable. However, this does not mean that we are vulnerable, we are able to think and act for ourselves. Indeed, advancements in technology made our lives much easier, but in terms of passion, we are no different from the past. We could fend for ourselves and drive ourselves for a better us.

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