Sunday 30 December 2012

dinosaur smuggling: By Lim Kay Ray

A Florida fossils dealer has admitted smuggling dinosaur bones into the US from Mongolia and China. The smuggler, Eric Prokopi, was charged a maximum of 17 years imprisonment when he is sentenced in April. He also admitted illegally importing a Chinese flying dinosaur, two oviraptors and a duckbilled creature known as a Saurolophus. After he was sentenced, the US officials returned the fossils to where they actually belonged.
I think that Eric Prokopi should not steal these bones but actually hire archaeologists and historians to excavate the area, or dig and find these fossils himself. He sold a Tyrannosaurus Bataar, which was discovered seven years ago in the Gobi desert, at an auction for more than $1m. This money that he earns is not honest money but dishonest gains from stealing then smuggling fossils from other countries. 

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