Friday 14 February 2014

Pampered and lazy, or willing to take risks


Most people have griped how teenagers of Generation Y and Z lack of resilience as they are unable to cope with failure and setbacks and hence unlikely candidates to develop and sustain fast-growth venture.

However, the write of the article begs to differ. He has noticed how entrepreneurial and innovative teenagers of the Generation Y and X  are if they were encouraged to venture and take risks. They started ventures with low capital and follow their distinct. If they did not succeed , they will attempt another time.  The author hence believe that they should create a culture where teenages have a choice to create their first job and have the skills and confidence to start a venture. Gradually, more entrepreneurs will be created with real experience and resilience.


I strongly agree with the writer of the article's opinion. While adults may criticise teenagers of our generation that we are pampered, soft and easily bruised, I believe that we also possess the innovation and resilience especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. Look at the creation of blogshops, youtube channels by the teenagers of our generation. They have made use of the technological skills they have to earn a living from themselves. Hence, it is evident that they are innovative when it comes to entrepreneurship. We are also not ones who easily give up as we follow more dreams closely and we know what our goals are at the end of the day. Thus, I hope that the label of our generation being pampered, soft and easily bruised would be removed.

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