Saturday 15 February 2014

Pampered Little Buddhas

Parents have been accused of creating a generation of badly-behaved school kids by treating them like gods. A teachers’ union boss claimed that some adults wait on their children hand and foot, as if they are “little Buddhas”. Dr Mary Bousted, leader of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, said they are spoilt which makes relating to other children at school difficult. They don’t do the washing up, they don’t do the hoovering or chores. It doesn’t do them any favours if you make them little Buddhas at home and it doesn’t do them any favours in school. The effect is that children don’t understand their responsibilities to other children. They expect to get what they want immediately and not understand that there are other children in the class and the school who need the attention. They don’t understand their responsibilities towards adults, that adults are not there to serve them.

In my opinion, I believe that children nowadays are getting more and more spoilt due to the fact that they always get what they wanting without having to work for it. I see many children following their parents around in shopping malls using their phones all the time. This is unhealthy because children even as young as 4 are already more familiar with phones than some adults are with it. This shows that they are being bought phones at a young age and have been updated with the news devices constantly. This shows that parents are too afraid from stopping their children because they do not want to make their child unhappy over a small matter.

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