Monday 10 February 2014

The pampered generation by ZhiGang

Summary: Parents wants their children to get the best. Many parents are driven by the thinking that their children’s lives must be better than them. As parents are usually busy due to their work, they are not able to spend the time with their children. Thus, they try to obligate to their children to satisfy their needs by giving the best to their children like the latest technology – smartphones. Consequently, this kind of teaching has produced an entire generation of weak, selfish, pampered children.

Opinion: In my opinion, this kind of teaching is ridiculous. I feel that this kind of satisfaction for the children is too much. Children needs the love from their parents and not technology that take over their parents. This kind of habit soon develops a bad habit for their children as they have their parents to buy them what they want. As a result, they feel that there is a never-ending form of satisfaction as they persuade their parents to buy more and more.

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