Friday 21 October 2016

Germany Orders Facebook To Stop Collecting WhatsApp User Data (

In 27 September 2016, 35 million Whatsapp users in Germany had their personal data used and kept by the company. Germany ordered the company to stop collecting data, and to wipe any information that’s already been transferred so as to protect the users’ data. 

I feel that personal data of all electronic devices’ users must be protected. Our information ranging from messages to photos are personal. It should not be taken and collected without the approval of the users as those are private. I believe that such actions of stealing personal data should be restricted as it may lead to inappropriate use of data. In the passage, says Caspar, “Facebook’s answer, that this has merely not been done for the time being, is cause for concern that the gravity of the data protection breach will have much a more severe impact.” The collection of personal data will lead to many severe impacts once users find out. Hence, I believe that personal information should be protected from applications that intend to collect and misuse them without approval from the users.

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