Friday 14 October 2016


Recently, google has been trying to invent a cancer and heart attack detector. It is trying to detect diseases at an earlier stage if possible so as to save more lives. The technology requires nanotechnology that can explore the body at a molecular ans cellular level. If the project is successful, it can save many people's lives.

In my opinion, the technology that can detect diseases at early stages is very helpful. It is fast, portable and simple to use. If diseases like cancer are detected at earlier stages, many lives could be saved if they undergo treatment in time. After inventing it, a great number of lives would definitely be saved due to the advanced technology of the invention. In the passage, it shows that the detection of diseases only a short period of time after analyzing in the computer software. It speeds up things a lot as patients do not need to queue up in the hospital to wait for the results of their bloodtests. Therefore, it is very helpful in our medical technology as it can save more people if their diseases were detected earlier. 


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