Friday 21 October 2016

Self employment used to be the dream,now it's a nightmare

Summary:We dream of self-employment where we can be our own bosses and decide what we want to do.This used to be the case,but now it is undesired.This is because there is no holiday pay,no coverage for any injuries and sicknesses and you also have to be responsible for problems with the system.

Opinion:I feel that self-employment,though provides a pleasant working experience,is disadvantageous.Self-employment means that you have to live through holidays without any pay at all and you also have to face unstable salary.If you were to be sick,there will also be no sick pay.There are also few rights or protections for self-employers and comparatively lower pay since there is no authority or organisation helping you.In a nutshell,self-employment is worse than working under employers..


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