Wednesday 17 April 2013

Boston Marathon bombing: FBI reveals pressure cooker clues by Zhi Gang ^_^

Summary: Bombs that targeted the Boston Marathon on Monday may be contained in a pressure-cooker device. The Boston explosions contained metal shards, nails and other types of shrapnel, designed to cause maximum injury. Doctors treating the wound say their injuries had shards causing a number of victims have had their limbs amputated. Police have asked the public to send in any videos or photographs they may have from the day. The London Marathon which is the next major international marathon which would go ahead on Sunday will have well-rehearsed sucurity.

Opinions: In my opinion, a similar act of evil was performed in the United States previously. While the investigation carries on, I hope that the US government will stop to think on the results of these dire consequences caused by terrorist attacks, deadly shootings. The government should have a control over the uses of guns and other dangerous objects which might harm others. It is really terrible seeing so many reports around the US either by deadly shooting by a gunner or a terrorist attack which cause so many lives lost. I suggest that US should put a stop to all these before anything goes extremely awry.

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