Saturday 13 April 2013

John Kerry visits China to press Beijing over N Korea by ZhiGang o-o

Summary: Threatened with nuclear war, America is now looking to China to help diffuse the this crisis. US and China may be rivals, but John Kerry carries the message to China's leaders they have more trust from North Korea than anyone and they must use it. Its clear that John Kerry believes the solution to this crisis may lie in China. BeiJing says that what the North Korea dictator, Kim Jong Un, really wants is a simple phone call to Kim Jong Un from the US president could end this crisis.

My Opinions: In my opinion, North Korea has a long history of playing this particular play. They have something they need or want from America. So they make a big fuss, raising the stakes by making threats or more potently, reactivating their nuclear reactor to produce nuclear fuel for more nuclear weapons. While ignoring the threats are easy enough when the situation is approached maturely, the only way to get them to turn off the reactor is to offer peace treaties or if there is no choice, a war would certainly break out.

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