Saturday 6 April 2013

The Prince and Pricess of Britain visits Singapore- JunTian

Summary: Last September, Prince William and his wife Kate made a trip to Singapore for a visit as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. They will also set off to visit other countries that were former colonies of Great Britain. In Singapore, they visited the Singapore Botanic Garden where they saw the orchid which was named after the prince’s mother, Princess Diana. Princes Diana was supposed to make the visit to view this flower, but unfortunately met with a fatal accident. Now, it was as if the prince had fulfilled her wish. The couple also saw another flower that was named after them.

Opinion: I feel that it is a great honour to have the Prince and Princess visiting our country. The royal family had ruled Britain for so long, and I feel that it is amazing. I wished I managed to catch a glimpse of them when they were here. If they make a trip here again, I hope to meet them.

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