Thursday 4 April 2013

Teenager sells his app for $18 million by Ryan

Summary: he was like any normal other kid but had displayed abilities in technologies.A 17-year-old London schoolboy has sold his app company to the internet giant Yahoo for an estimated £18m. But he won't be moving to the company's California headquarters just yet as he wants to finish his A-levels. Nick D'Aloisio, he created the app Summly which provide bite sized summarised news content and other sites. He first was just tinkering with app for mobile as hobby. He got the idea when the same content keep appearing on the webpage so he produce an early app of Summly, it was than later people took interest and decided to invest in him. Later than it became a best app, but he decided to sell it to yahoo as he is still young to manage his own firm.

Opinion: In my opinion this teenager always have the abilities in technology and always is coincidently of doing something they came up with an idea that let them create this things. people like this should not waste their abilities and continue to work in the area as now technologies could earn lots of money in the world.

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