Friday 14 June 2013

China officials caught spray-painting grass green in Chengdu. By JunTian

Summary: Reporters from China have recently filmed workers from Chengdu's municipal landscaping department as they busily painted the grassy verges of the city's roads with a fluorescent green spray. Residents have raised several comments, questioning if this would affect the environment, and some even asked why are the government using money this way, instead of building schools. Officials have claimed that the dyes can help keep the grass alive during winter times. In fact, this have happened since long ago in China's history.

Opinion: I feel that dying the grass is quite alright as long as there are no harm done towards the grass and that it does not cost a bomb. The government are also trying their best to beautify the place, although this may be rather unacceptable to some. I feel that as long as there are no long term harm it will be fine. I feel that even with this alternative method, the government should only use this as a temporary solution, and not a long term measure. They should still try to plant their grass normally.

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