Sunday 16 June 2013

Singapore's Instant Noodle Generation by ZhiGang -3-

Summary: There has been rising awareness among Singapore’s spoiled adolescent. Most teenagers does not make and tidy up themselves. Many youngsters today are born rich and have a maid to protect clean after themselves. A lot of them give excuses that they do not have time to do simple things like household choirs. Reports have shown how teenagers cannot fend for themselves without maids. Having a maid to teenagers’ ask and go leave them reliant and helpless when on their own.

Opinion: In my opinion, I feel that one should not be over-reliant on others for help. Maids for example cannot help you with forever. Having maids make teens nowadays helpless when left on their own. Over-reliant kids are not able to do things they should know like household choirs, cooking as these things is often done by their parents or maids. Adolescent are spoiled. Therefore lead easy lifestyles with their parents or maids to their beck and call when in need.

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