Friday 14 June 2013

World's Worst Toxic Dump By: Sherman Teo


Even if water began flowing once again to the city's residents on Tuesday, the Chinese are now burning anything that looks like coal. Whenever catastrophes do occur, the communist party responds using the same old approach. In Harbin, as with the SARS crisis two years ago, authorities initially tried to conceal the true scope of the disaster. The administration announced its plans to shut off the water supply, it first offered the transparent excuse that the pipes needed "maintenance work." No one believed that the city's entire system of pipes was shut down for maintenance and the icy city was soon filled with rumors of terrorist attacks or a predicted earthquake.



In my Opinion, I believe that what the authorities are doing is wrong as they are trying to make all locals believe that everything is fine even though there was a deadly disease. This has then caused many people nowadays to questions the government of what they do and whether it is right or wrong. I believe that to have a successful country, we must be ready under any crisis and the government should alert us on the precautions we should take.


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