Friday 14 June 2013

The World's Toxic Waste Dump: Choking on Chemicals in China. By JunTian

Summary: About 100 tons of toxic chemicals have been floating down the Songhua River ever since an explosion in Jilin, located upstream from Harbin, released highly toxic benzene compounds. At least five people were killed and dozens injured in the Nov. 13 accident in Chemical Factory 101, and the slick, slowly traveling down river toward Russia, threatens the drinking water supply for more than 10 million people between the northeast Chinese city of Harbin and Khabarovsk in Siberia. This have caused a water emergency in Harbin, and the residents in Harbin are all suffering from a severe lack of water. Their taps have all been turned off to prevent any poisoning, Now, their only source is from wells and a truck filled with water sent by the government.

Opinion: This accident have caused raised many alarming results. China is becoming the world's top pollutant, and the country itself is suffering from severe pollution. This have affected the health of the people very badly , and have also gave China a very bad reputation. Apart from the environmental problems, the social problems are equally worrying. With the number of factory accidents taking place increasing each day, the lives of the people are at risk. I feel that the Chinese government should do something about this disturbing trend, and do their best to prevent such things from happening again.

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