Friday 18 October 2013

Burning of PSLE books by: Sherman Teo

People took photos of the event and posted it online, causing huge uproar. They reported that textbooks were being burnt. However, it was found out that only assessment books were burnt.  Parents were burning the books as they believe that it will relieve stress.many other parents who took part in the burning of books thought of it as a bonding event. They believe that by doing so, they will be relieving the stress the child too has endured. Many people on the other hand does not like this method of disposing off their books because they consider it as wasting
I believe that parents should not carry out such an awful act. Even though the child has completed his PSLE, there is no need to burn books. If the books is causing them to feel as stress, they could just sell of the books. Another greener method would be to recycle them. I believe that even though the books are already used, they can donate it to charity for the less fortunate. Such children will appreciate the books better and be able to have books to read or do.

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