Friday 18 October 2013

Is it ok to burn PSLE assessment books? JunTian

Summary: Bystanders who did not know the details about the event took photos of the event and posted it online, causing huge resposnses from netizens. They claimed that textbooks were being burnt, and it is a great waste as they can reused. However, it was found out that only assessment books that already used that are burnt. They even suggested that such acts are similar to those of tyrants and dictators of the past who burnt books. They feel that there is a greater meaning behind burning the books. However, the parents were merely burning the books to relieve stress and celebrating that the PSLE is over. Some parents that took part in the event even took it as a family bonding event. They have also expressed that they have no intentions to stop learning or any negative intentions.

Opinion: I feel that those people who object the burning of the PSLE assessment books are just making a big fuss out of this small matter. They are too quick to judge without even finding out what truly happened. The parents feel really relived that the PSLE is finally over, and they hope to celebrate and at the same time release the stress they have experienced over the past year. Although their method of celebrating is rather different, I feel that it is very much acceptable.


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