Friday 18 October 2013

burning of psle books- demitay

This week after a group of students and their parents were photographed setting their worksheets ablaze post the PSLE exams was almost as bad as an angry bystander dialing 999.
Disposing of textbooks that could be given away was wasteful. Some then changed their tone to say even completed worksheets could be passed down, if not to students here, then surely to those in Africa, the world’s hypothetical dumping ground for all rubbish. Given the sheer volume of stuff that people insist on sending to Africa, it’s a surprise the continent hasn’t buckled under its own weight yet.

I feel that the parents should not burn the psle paper but recycle it or sent it to undeveloped country. Burning the papers will cause air pollution and those people with respiratory problems will be affected. Parents can also give these used papers to primary 5 pupils so they would be able to see different types of question. I believe this will benefit them greatly.

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