Sunday 20 October 2013

Burning of PSLE books by ZhiGang

Post-PSLE book-burning photo inflames netizens 


Some parents can finally give a sigh of relief after their PSLE. However, some even took a step further to burn away their assessment books on fire which caused an out-roar among netizens. Troubled netizens blame those parents of humiliating knowledge and education whereas others asked why those books were not donated to needy. After the photo was circulated around the internet, it made rounds on social sites, newspaper. Many call these acts barbaric while others say they are stressed.

In my opinion, they are teaching these kids a total disregard for intellectual property, for respect of knowledge and are making a joke out of book burning. It reminds me of Emperor Qin Shi Wang who hated knowledge and ordered the burning of books by the millions. Thereafter China entered into its darkest centuries of parochial living and regresses into timidity and fear of foreigners. I am indeed ashamed of the parents of such children who have despised their children's 6 years of excellent primary education received from the MOE.

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