Friday 7 March 2014

Asian Values done by Yvelyn Koh

Link: Asian values VS western values
Although their arguments vary, advocates of Asian values maintain that there are clear and often sharp differences between the values and traditions in the East and in the West.  
They argue that Asians tend to value community and Westerners value the individual. Whereas Asians appreciate order and harmony, Westerners appreciate personal freedom.  
Other so-called 'Asian values' include saving and thriftiness, insistence on hard work, respect for leaders and family loyalty.  
Dr Mahathir and Mr Lee argue that the supposedly universal human rights documents and treaties actually privilege Western values to the detriment of Asian values.  
I think that regardless of whether it is western or Asian values, both are unique in their own ways. We can't put any of them superior than the other, both values have their supporters and offenders. All of us have a different mind set, all of us will never agree on something together, there must be bound to have a few who disagrees. Everything have their goods and beads, nothing is perfect. Asians prefer Asian values, just like how western prefer their own western values. In the end, we must respect each values as they are what makes us who we are today.

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