Friday 7 March 2014

Leaders Fear an Erosion of Their Cultures : Awash in English, Asians Fret

English in Southeast Asia is quickly rising, where use of it is widely seen as a key to success in business and commerce, is stirring the concern of officials and intellectuals who fear that Asian values and national identity are being eroded. Countries in the region faces a problem. Countries  recognises that English provides access to vital Western science and technology as well as valuable market in the West. English Yet they worry a dilution of the cultural strength and cohesion that have helped Southeast Asia emerge in the past few years as one of the fastest-growing economic areas in the world is the price they had to pay. The flow is becoming a flood which is a threat as important value my be lost.

In my opinion, the flow of information is even harder for the government to control with the presence of internet. No matter how it is control, it will somehow still spread. The only way to prevent erosion of Asian value is to start taking useful action that can preserve and retain it. Such as having school to teach them more about Asian culture by conducting mother tongue program to let them understand more about their culture.   

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