Friday 14 March 2014

Gradual erosion of Asian Culture- Yenyuen

SUMMARY: Among Asians, there is an ongoing debate about how western culture is slowly entering Asian culture. The older generation and the conservatives are upset as they have exercise a lot more influence on the lives of young people compared to the role of parents and other society leaders in the West. The most controversial area of the erosion of Asian culture is that Asian Women are beginning to entering into relationships with Western man as they find them more attractive and cool. Western men too, find Asian Woman attractive. This shows that people are moving up in the social ladder. Moreover, Asian Woman are beginning to follow Western fashion despite the fact that it does not look well on them. They argued that it is a form of self-expression and not because they are not proud of themselves.

OPINION: Personally, I feel that this will slowly erode Asian Culture to a certain extent. Technology and communication have allowed people to learn from other end of the world and it is no surprise that young Asians are beginning to follow Western fashion trends since it is more fashionable. During Chinese New Year, the Chinese are not allowed to be dress in black as it represent evil. However, due to fashion trends, Asian teenagers neglected the practices and instead, dress in black to look more fashionable. They may also argued that it is their freedom to dress the way the want when they have been suppressed for generations. Thus, I concluded that the western influence will slowly erode Asian Culture to a certain extent.

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