Monday 17 March 2014

Should Parents Pay For Their Children's College Education by ZhiGang

 Summary: Parents wants to give the best to their children and it has been a topic that parents usually discuss whether their children should shoulder the responsibility of footing college fees. Not all children are born with a silver spoon, college expenses can be a burden to some parents who are not able to afford it. However, parents give what they have to their children because they love them. Some even feel that it is an investment worth make on their children.

Opinion: In my opinion, I feel that parents should pay for the college fees. And it is our responsibility to do well for our education so that when we graduate, it will be our turn to take care of our parents. For now, studying will be our utmost priority as we will get a better job the next time when we enter the workforce. If we work and study now, it may affect our studies which is why parents should foot the bill now.

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