Sunday 31 March 2013

China Officials Caught Dying Grass By: Sherman Teo


In China, Chengdu's officials hit upon an easy solution to cheer up their city's appearance by painting the grassy verges of the city's roads with a fluorescent green spray. According to Top Green's website, the color lasts for ten to 14 weeks. Residents found the dye also turned their shoes green when they walked across the grass patches. A chemical solution called Top Green Turf Greening Agent is absolutely not poisonous. It is just a green dye which they have been selling to the Chengdu government for five or six years.


I believe that what the government is doing is wrong and should not be supported by the locals. If the government wants to create a better image of themselves to the world, they should have bought new patches of grass and replant them. This may be a slow process but it shows the world that they are eco friendly and are supporting the movement to save the earth. Even thought they stated that the products do not harm the grasses, they should not use it over excessively or else it could lead to consequences that we did not even think anout.

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