Sunday 3 March 2013

Social Media by Sherman Teo

Social media is getting more and more popular in society nowadays. There a millions of people who have active social media accounts. Social media is now a worldwide trend and many people around the world are using it. Social media such as Facebook or Twitter has allowed people to better communicate with each other. Even though social media may be fun and interactive, it may cause plenty of harm to innocent people online. People interact with others online without knowing their identities and therefore scams will start to come up.
I think that social media has its pros and cons. Social media enables people to be able to communicate more easily and they do not need a direct meet up with each other. This also cause may people to fight with each other in real life or they will start to cyber bully each other. In Canada, there are many cases of people getting cyber bullied through social media websites therefore leading to her death.

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