Sunday 31 March 2013

Concern Over Singapore's Instant-Generation o-o by Zhi Gang

Summary: Parents and governments are getting more concern over increasing pampered teenagers among the country. Nowadays, research has shown that one in every seven families has a foreign maid who is at teenager's beck and call. Children who grew up with a silver spoon in their mouth or has a car to bring them about. Singapore youths have to and not be over-reliant at such an early age.
 Opinion: In my opinion, I feel that one should be independent. One should not be over-reliant on a maid or their parents who are their beck and calls. Teenagers have to start to understand the fact that they have to enter the work force, by then they would not be able to ask their parents or maids to help them. They have to take care of their parents by them and have to hold a responsibility for their own family. Thus, teenagers should start to think straight and should be self-dependent starting from now.

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