Sunday 31 March 2013

Singapore's Instant Noodle Generation By: Sherman Teo


Singaporeans are voicing out over what they think is increasing laziness among the country’s teenager.  This is an attitude cultivated in Singapore's first generation because of their parent’s wealth. Singaporean parents demand a say in everything from dating to the courteous use of mobile phones. Many people take this positively and say the children are studying harder therefore has lesser time to carry out tasks therefore; the maid is there to help them out. Many say these youngsters are a by-product of Singapore's driven society.


In my opinion, I think that we are getting more and more dependent on maids to carry out daily tasks and chores for us. I believe that most of us hired maids to help them out with housework as both our parents are working. Parents are also controlling the youths too much nowadays therefore making the youth dependent on their parents whenever they meet trouble. Singaporeans are called instant noodles generation because they are always ready to go and need someone to support them.

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