Friday 1 March 2013

Social Media by Jun Tian

In recent years, the number of people with a ‘social life’ had shot up very quickly. With 1.06 billion active Facebook users and more than 200 million Twitter users world-wide, it is no surprise that teenagers make up a big portion of these numbers. Social network allows them to get a ‘life-update’ of what their friends are doing, and even international news as soon as they are publicized. Therefore, social media is often seen as something beneficial, and the number favorite source of news and also a tool of communication for teenagers.
On the flip side, social media are increasingly being abused. Many individuals have been using them as a way to get their evil intentions done. For example, a group of teenagers may use social networks to post rumors and photos of another person to defame him or her. There are also several cases of scam carried out online where people pay heavy sums to purchase ‘branded goods’, but received nothing in the end.
Therefore, as we enjoy the benefits of this brilliant invention, we must always be wary and always take note of our behavior online.

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