Saturday 18 January 2014

Are teenagers apathetic towards the less fortunate by ZhiGang

Summary: Most youths today are sympathetic for the less fortunate and are trying their best to help those in need by lending their time in Community Involvement Projects (CIP). Some teenagers even take the initiative to start on new projects or volunteer to help the less fortunate. Even if there are teens who are apathetic and do not care about the less fortunate but we should not forget about the majority who are very sympathetic towards the less fortunate and are willing to help.

Opinion: In my opinion, I feel that it is indeed wrong to call adolescents apathetic these days. Schools have organize events like Community Involvement Project (CIP) or Values In Action (VIA) to encourage teens to more do their part in helping others who are in need. An example was that teenagers these days have grown concern for the less fortunate and even a simple act of donating to the man selling tissue papers on the street shows that they care.

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