Saturday 18 January 2014

Is it fair to call Singapore's youth the strawberry generation? By: Sherman

Singapore's young workers have been called the strawberry generation: easily bruised by work and life. On the other hand, the older 30- to 40-somethings like to think of themselves as tough nuts who are hardworking and know what it is like to struggle for a job. The young are more rooted in reality and have more grit than the general perception would suggest. Older workers often gripe about young workers' lack of commitment and tendency to job-hop. They on the other hand are the most satisfied with their lot, with around seven in 10 saying they have a good job. Gen Y are more educated than their predecessors, more tech-savvy and plugged into the world, and have more overseas exposure, from overseas school trips, university internships and study exchanges.
In my opinion, I believe that we should be labelled the strawberry generation because it is too partly the previous generation's fault for our restrictions. The previous generation will always think of the coming generation as incapable and will never meet up to expectations. They will never give us a chance to prove ourselves and they will always think of themselves as perfect superiors that has experienced more hardships as compared to us. I believe that the generation now is more capable as compared to the previous generation because of the things which we are capable of doing. Whereas, the older generation should let younger people help out and stop hogging everything to themselves. Therefore I believe that it is not fair to call Singapore's youth as the strawberry generation.

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