Monday 6 January 2014

What a difference a principal can make by JunTian

Summary: Many heartland schools have introduced a variety of activities, many mooted by innovative principals. In recent rounds of appointments of principals, much was made of the Education Ministry moving senior principals to heartland schools. Education Minister Heng Swee Keat called it a tangible way to make every school a good school.An experienced principal can have a significant effect. But a principal with a heart and a determination to make an impact on children’s lives makes all the difference. Different principals have took many initiatives to improve not only the school generally, but also to help each student improve themselves. From compulsory music lessons to going around areas near the school to seek help from shopkeepers and residence to spot if any students are misbehaving, these principals hope to nurture not only students with good results, but also with good moral values and a sense of art. Principals have also emphasized on academics and co-curriculum activities in order to attract more students.

Opinion: I feel that the impact a principal has on the school and each and every student is really adverse. A good principal's main concern is always their student. Regardless whether it is academics, character, their problems, these principals will try their best to help their students. I feel that the many principals listed have really made many significant improvements to the school. They are willing to sacrifice their personal time just to make sure the best can be given. I feel that they are doing these truly because they want the best for students, not just to improve the school's reputation. Therefore, I feel that these principals are really very noble, and all principals and teachers should take them as role models. 

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