Friday 17 January 2014

Summarise the methods and aims of youth in post-war Singapore by JunTian

The quest for Chinese education in the multi-racial society emerging from the anti-colonial was one of their aims. Student unions were formed. Students protested against conscription which they viewed as an attempt to co-opt  them into the war against Malayan communists. They believed independence would restore fraternal co-existence between peoples of Malaya. They also disagreed with the 'yellow Culture' which was prevalent. Students wanted to accelerate Malayan history by the advances they saw as a new political civilisation in China Students also started Malay classes to prepare themselves for the new nation after independence.When some students were arrested and banished to China, they continued protesting and refused to board or exit the ship. Even when they are in China, they continued regarding themselves as people of Malaya.

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