Friday 24 January 2014

Singapore youth: Apathetic no more By JunTian

Summary: In the past, Singaporean youths are often labeled as being apathetic. They were accused of being fixated on the paper chase and material comforts, being out of touch with politics and oblivious to the plight of others. Even the then-Prime Minister had to address the issue at a national forum, saying that the youths have gone soft. However, the youths of today have proven to have risen to the challenge, and are aided in no small part by the medium that they grew up with — the much-maligned Internet. Youths are making use of social networking sites to help the society in different ways.

 Opinion: I feel that youths should no longer be accused as being apathetic. It is evident that they are far from that. Youths are actively involved in current affairs, volunteering and helping others in times of emergency. They are not as cold as the older generation prefer to believe they are. Youths are often discredited just because the older generations see one side of them and refuse to acknowledge the other. However, many youths have taken up voluntary jobs regardless whether it is because of school VIA or not. Youths are also getting more involved in politics and are voicing out their opinions and thoughts.  

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