Monday 19 November 2012

A story about cyberbullying by Kai Yi

Tracy was a shy and a hardworking girl but was often being cyberbullied by her classmates through social media. They often post nasty and totally untrue comments on facebook saying that she was as fat as a pig and calling her names, etc.  At first, she had tolerated with her classmates’ behavior, but this had greatly affected Tracy’s self-esteem, and also resulting in her cutting down on her diet. Once, Tracy’s mother had enquired if she was facing any difficulties in school but Tracy lied that everything was good. However, after a week’s time, Tracy’s classmates became bolder, they started sending threatening messages, calling her untrue names and posting comments that were totally fallacious to many of her social websites such as email, facebook and her twitter accounts.

“Why am I being bullied for things that aren’t true?” “Why do they detest me so much?” "Didn’t they share a thought on how I may feel?” “WHY? ” Tracy thought, she was very hurt, demoralised and was at a loss of what to do. Finally, after much thought, she decided to relate this torturous experience to her mother…

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