Monday 5 November 2012

An Embarrassing Moment Done by Sherman Teo

Upon reaching the bus stop, I felt a little uneasy due to the fact that people were staring at me in a disgusted manner. Curious, I thought to myself, “Are they staring at my jeans or are they staring at my shirt?” The bus which had arrived was filled with passengers and I was right in the center of the bus. People were pointing and laughing at me, whereas some pointed at me and showed a disgusted face. I alighted at my stop and headed to the nearest toilet as soon as possible, to get to the bottom of this mystery. It dawned on me why I was laughed at when I looked into the mirror. I had forgotten to zip my pants, therefore showing my underwear!

Embarrassed, I zipped up my pants and headed for tuition. I could not shake off the feeling that someone was laughing at me constantly. It was my most embarrassing moment, but for the public, it could have lightened their day.

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