Saturday 10 November 2012

Ethopian Wolves- JunTian

Summary: Research have shown that there is little gene flow between the small remaining populations of  Ethopian wolves, increasing the risk of extinction from any disease or habitat degradation. This is mostly because most of them leave in seperate groups, apart from each other, leading to weak gene flow between the groups. Scientists are trying to reconnect by creating habitat corridors linking them, so that male wolves can be moved, thus triggering fresh breeding.

 Opinion: I feel that while the expert in this fields are doing their part to save this species, people of other professions can also play their part to help out. Especially those that specialise in
property. Each year, countless number of trees are being chopped down, all so for the selfish desires of mankind. If deforestation continues at such as alarming rate, very soon most animals would no longer have a home to stay in, and so will the Ethiopian wolves be affected. Therefore, I hope that more can be done to save both the environment and these Ethiopian wolves.

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